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Donnelly Construction

Donnelly Construction
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Single Storey Home Extensions

Over time the demands we place on our homes change. Moving is often an expensive option, where as extending you home can be a cost effective method of enabling your existing home to meet your new needs.

A single storey extension is an effective method of creating additional living space for your current needs.


This single storey extension built by Donnelly Construction converted a flat roof breakfast room into a large sunny breakfast room, utility area, down stairs cloak room and an addition family room.





Single Storey

Single storey home and building extensions to extend your house.

Two Storey

Two storey home and building extensions make full use of your available space.

Garage Conversion

Convert that wasted garage space into valuable additional living space.

Patios & Decking

Garden patios and decking, driveways, walls, paths, fences and gates.

Free Estimate

Fee no obligation estimates are available from Donnelly Construction.


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